Tuna Steak with Chickpea mash and Chilli Almond Broccoli






Fresh Tuna steak

2 cans of chickpeas

Half an onion

Salt and pepper


Almond flakes



Black sesame seeds

2 tbsp Teriyaki marinade

Gluten free organic chicken stock cube

Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil






I marinade my tuna steak in the morning so by the evening it had fully absorbed the flavours





1. Place the 2 tins of chickpeas with the water from one can (drain the other) in a pan with the stock cube and leave to heat slowly on a low heat.


2. Finely slice your onion and garlic and sauté in a pan until soft then add to the chickpeas.


3. In a clean dry pan slowly heat your almond flakes, tossing every minute or so until browned then place in a bowl and save for later.


4. Finely slice your chili and chop up your broccoli then place in fry pan with a drizzle of oil on a low heat and cook until desired level of crunch! I sometimes add a tablespoon of water if the broccoli isn’t cooked enough and you don’t want it to start burning and that helps almost steam cook it. Once cooked add to your almonds and mix.


5. Use a fork or masher mash up your chickpeas until smooth and ‘mash like’


6. Pre heat a frying pan on medium heat and once hot add a little oil and then 20 seconds later your tuna steaks and cook how you like, I like mine quite rare so do around 90 seconds on each side but it depends.


7. Plate up as you like and sprinkle black sesame seeds over the tuna.

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