Spinach Sushi






Frozen Spinach


Prawns/Salmon/Crab sticks



Chilli sauce

Seaweed Sheet













1. You make this in the exact same way as you would make normal sushi but just replace the rice with the defrosted spinach.


2. Lay out your sushi mat and place seaweed sheet on top.


3. Squeeze as much of the water as possible out of the spinach and then lay down and compact to form around 0.5cm layer ¾ way up the sheet with the sheet laid out portrait in front of you.


4. About 1 inch from the bottom lay out the crabsticks from left to right in a line and then thinly slice your cucumber, peppers and avocado and lay them next to or on top trying to keep it all fairly tight together.


5. Pour on a little sweet chilli sauce and then lift the bottom of the sheet and fold over to wrap into tight roll.


6. Leave to chill and then slice with a sharp knife. 

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