Poached Eggs on Roasted Aubergine with Rocket, Avocado and Tomato



My top tip for poaching your eggs is to have your water simmering, add plenty of vinegar, any will do, I always just use whatever I have in the cupboard. If you add plenty of vinegar you don’t need to do all this swirling the water stuff. I crack my egg into a small bowl and then gently lower into the pan, if you use a big pan you can easily do 2 or 3 at the same time. You will see once you have lowered it in it will slowly smooth itself into its own ball. Leave simmering for 4 minutes then take out with a slotted spoon.Since as many 1.5cm rings of aubergine as you have poached eggs and put on the griddle with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Slowly cook and turn until soft.There are the base to replace the bread, add your rocket and then poached eggs. Serve with baby chopped tomatoes and slices of avocado with a drizzle of olive oil



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