Asian Cod Parcels and Stir Fry 









Red chili


Spring Onions

Soy sauce

Salt and Pepper



Rapeseed oil








1. Pre heat over to 180oC. Place your cod fillets in the middle of a large piece of foil.


2. Finely slice spring onions, ginger, red chili and coriander and place half in a frying pan and the other half sprinkled over the cod pieces.


3. Put a dash of soy sauce and some salt and over the cod too them bring the foil together so the cod is sealed in a parcel. Do not seal it tightly as you want enough air space for the fish to be able to steam so try and make it just at the edge of the foil with a big enough gap between that and fish.


4. Place in the over for 30 minutes to bake


5. Add garlic, thin long strips of carrots and courgettes to the frying pan and lightly fry until soft then add a dash of soy sauce.


6. Once the fish is cooked serve on top of a bed of the veg and pour over the juices in the fish parcel to add flavour. Top with a squeeze of lime if you want.



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