I have always loved cooking and being creative but at the beginning of this year I challenged myself to make my food 'cleaner'. Working full time, away a lot and with a busy social life meant my food had to be quick and simple in order to make it achievable on a daily basis and long term.  From this 'CLEAN & SIMPLE' was born.


I decided to start the instagram page (@cleansimple) in order to motivate myself, keep it up, track my progress and hopefully inspire others along the way to join in too.


The key for me is variation and flavour.  There is no way I would still being doing it if I had to eat poached chicken and steamed broccoli everyday. I try to vary my meals as much as possible, have the odd treat and find healthy alternatives to all your usual dishes. Any suggestions or challenges welcome!


I hope you find the website useful, fun and informative, if you have any questions, pictures of your creations or just want some more information feel free to contact me here.

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